Eventlog to Syslog Service for Windows

This program provides a method of sending Windows Eventlog events to a syslog server. It works with the new Windows Events service found in Vista and Server 2008 and can be compiled for both 32 and 64-bit environments. Designed to keep up with very busy servers, it is fast, light, and efficient. The program is designed to run as a windows service.

Download and further details from: http://code.google.com/p/eventlog-to-syslog/


PwnedList is a tool that allows an average person to check if their online accounts have been compromised. The site started out as small research project with a rather simple premise. To discover how many compromised accounts can be harvested programatically in just a couple of hours. Well, needless to say, the results were astonishing. In just under 2 hours we had close to 30,000 accounts, complete with logins and passwords. The truly scary part, however, was the quality of data we were able to collect in such a short amount of time. The accounts we were able to retrieve consisted of email services, social media sites, merchants and even financial institutions. It was clear that something had to be done.

Further details and to check your details: https://www.pwnedlist.com/

QuintoLabs SquidProxy for Linux

QuintoLabs has a free Content filter Squidproxy for Linux available or you can download their virtual appliance and have a SquidProxy with content filter up and running in no time. It took about 5-10 minutes to fire up the appliance and configure a few settings and start surfing via the device.

You can use it for:

  • Removing Annoying Web Ads
  • Control Web Usage by Categories
  • Block Web Downloads
  • Reduce False Positives

QuintoLabs provides access to Content Security for free. Users of the program may leverage the technical expertise of the company by joining various QuintoLabs support subscription plans – Community, Academic, Business and Partner. The pay for subscriptions include support and feature development.

Download Packages are available for the following OSs:

  • RedHat/Fedora/CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • SUSE
  • Windows

Download from: http://www.quintolabs.com/qlicap_download.php

The Virtual Applicance is based on VMWare.

Download from: http://www.quintolabs.com/qlicap_virtual.php

Control UP – Server resource console

Control Up is a FREE console that provides you with real time performance monitoring, capable of delivering a comprehensive visibility into Terminal Services farms, VDI environments and desktop end points. A grid, which gives you the big picture view of your environment coupled with capabilities to zoom-in with surgical precision to the individual machine, user, session and process level within seconds – gaining unprecedented visibility into your managed environment.

Download and further details from here:


ESXi 5 (Free) Update/Patching Procedure

Unfortunately VMWare removed the great little Host Update utility for the FREE version of ESXi 5 (vSphere 5). So we now need to use the vMA 5.0 vm from another ESXi host or you can use the vCLI – we will use the vMA 5.0 from another ESXi host. Download vMA 5.0 from http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vima/ and install and configure this VM on another VM host or some other form of host i.e. VM workstation and so forth.

Now use the VMWare Patches Portal to find your updates/patches:

We will update the FREE ESXi 5 VM host to build 474610 with ESXi500-201109001.zip that we downloaded from the portal.

Upgrade steps (assuming your vMA is up and running and you can connect to your ESXi hosts):

  1.  Place the host to be patched into maintenance mode. Do this with the vSphere client.
  2. Upload the ESXi500-201109001.zip patch file package to a datastore on the VM host to be patched, in my case the datastore name is DataStore1
    From the vMA machine verify which VIBs are already installed on the VM host with:

    esxcli --server= --username=root software sources vib list --depot=/vmfs/volumes/DataStore1/ESXi500-201109001.zip | more
  3.  Now update the VM host with:
    esxcli --server= --username=root software vib update --depot=/vmfs/volumes/DataStore1/ESXi500-201109001.zip
  4. Once the update has completed, reboot the VM host and you should see it’s been updated to build 474610 or whatever update build number you are going to.


For a more detailed explanation and steps read the following blog:


Resources and links:

vMA 5.0 download and documentation:

Updating ESXi 5 – Single use esxcli How To:

Download Patches Portal: