Microsoft Security Assessment Tool (MSAT)

A new version of MSAT – Microsoft Security Assessment Tool slipped through the radar, version 3 SP1 was released back in June of this year!

This tool seems to get very little attention or media for some reason, here is a quick overview of the tool and some handy links. The best thing is this tool is FREE!

The Microsoft Security Assessment Tool (MSAT) is a free tool designed to help organizations like yours assess weaknesses in your current IT security environment, reveal a prioritized list of issues, and help provide specific guidance to minimize those risks. MSAT is an easy, cost-effective way to begin strengthening the security of your computing environment and your business. Begin the process by taking a snapshot of your current security state, and then use MSAT to continuously monitor your infrastructure’s ability to respond to security threats.

MSAT provides:

  • Easy to use, comprehensive, and continuous security awareness
  • A defense-in-depth framework with industry comparative analysis
  • Detailed, ongoing reporting comparing your baseline to your progress
  • Proven recommendations and prioritized activities to improve security
  • Structured Microsoft and industry guidance

Official Web Page
FAQ Web Page
Download Page

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