Upgrade Ubuntu to 12.04 LTS – Desktop & Server


At the time of writing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) is the latest version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution – here is a quick run down on how to upgrade previous versions of Ubuntu to 12.04 on both Desktop and Server versions of the OS.


First ensure that the current version of your Ubuntu installation has all the latest updates and fixes applied. To do this start the Update Manager or Software Updater from the menu system and click the Check button, followed by the Install Updates button. If required restart the system and re-launch the Update Manager – you should see a section labelled “New Ubuntu release “12.04 LTS” is available” with an upgrade button next to it, just simply go ahead and select upgrade and follow the instructions. Depending on your computer’s and Internet connection speed it may take sometime to complete.

Note: It’s important to ensure you run the normal updates prior to the upgrade, as I’ve had a system fail the upgrade due to older package versions required for the upgrade to be successful.



The server will require everything performed from the command shell or via SSH.

Change to root user to make the process a bit quicker and easier, or use sudo for these commands if you prefer.

 sudo su 

Update the system with all the latest updates first as with the Desktop procedure above this is required.

 apt-get update; apt-get upgrade 

Now install the package manager core:

 apt-get install update-manager-core 

Edit the release upgrades file and ensure it has Prompt=normal set e.g.:

 vim /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades 

Now start the upgrade process with:


Follow the on-screen instructions for the upgrade process, and once the system has been restarted you should see “Ubuntu 12.04 LTS” shown at the login prompt or when you SSH in.

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